SWTOR: Jedi Guardian Combat Style Is Available Now

If you have been waiting to experience Jedi Guardian Combat Style in SWTOR, then congratulations on your wish come true. It is now available.

But BioWare wants you to know something before you go hopping in there and start swinging your saber and using your force powers because they want to achieve their goals with this test. Currently, BioWare is focusing on what they need to do to ensure that players can easily learn how to play Jedi Guardian. This means that they need to understand how players use the ability of the class and provide the information they need.

One thing they are doing is to ensure that the system does not overwhelm players and can easily use customization. This means reducing the number of abilities while ensuring that they are unique to the character.

Because of this, players will not be able to understand the details of Jedi Guardian. All the content they can access is surface levels with restrictions. But don’t worry, there will be more content available to you in the future.

In the current state of Jedi Knight, you need to understand active abilities, passive modifiers, and optional utilities and how they work together.

If you want to help to test Jedi Guardian in the current PTS, then you need to hit up the SWTOR forums or the game's Steam Page to learn about the specific ways to participate.

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