SWTOR: Details About Legacy of The Sith Expansion

SWTOR is one of BioWare's longest-running games. You can experience the Star Wars galaxy thousands of years before any of the films. Currently, there are 8 independent class stories split into Old Republic and Sith Empire factions. In addition to simple stories, BioWare has also added expansion for various players, including this expansion - Legacy of the Sith.

Players of Republic and Imperial can access the new Legacy of the Sith expansion when it releases in celebration of SWTOR's 10th anniversary. This expansion will introduce a series of story missions, a new Flashpoint, and a new Operation. Now, MMOAH has collected more details about the current new expansion.

Legacy of the Sith’s plot

Its plot focuses on the continuation of SWTOR's Darth Maalgus' story, who recently returned under the Empress Acina service, acting as her Wrath and secret agent. Although players and Darth Malgus often conflict, those who swear allegiance to Sith Empire will find that Malgus usually puts the best interests of the Empire first.

The Legacy of the Sith will send you to protect a ‘vital planet’, which has been confirmed to be Manaan, and allows you to participate in a military match to win for their side.

In the SWTOR conflict, Darth Malgus will become rebellious, and his dastardly plot will be uncovered. At present, Malgus' ultimate motivation is still unknown, but considering his recent status in Acina, this plan is likely to ensure that he has more power within the Empire. Malgus regaining influence in the Sith Empire is a threat to Republic and Imperial players.

A New Combat Skill Mechanic

You will be able to exchange combat abilities between the Star Wars Republic and Imperial classes based on tech or Force designation. The changes in this plan will achieve significant diversity in the current build. When the expansion releases, player classes will also feature the "updates to itemization and loadout experiences as well as streamlined class design" described by BioWare.

The Legacy of the Sith will definitely regain interest in SWTOR fans. The storyline of Darth Malgus has been repeated in the story of SWTOR, and Malgus is the first character encountered. In addition, the combat mechanic will further enrich the gameplay of each class.

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