RuneScape's Cross-Platform Future Is Deserve Discussing
Source: MMOAH

RuneScape is about to release a mobile game in June, and the Jagex team focuses on a wider, cross-platform future. For Jagex, finding as many ways as possible to attract players is not a new design concept, it also emphasizes the company's future game development methods.

The developers stated that they will maintain the leading position of the game while respecting the history of the game. In the process of creating a comprehensive collection and transplantation game, the development team finally revisited many assets in the original game and regained control of them. Based on this approach, developing games for new platforms can improve the base game. The company also prepared for further adaptations of the game on the console in the future. In addition to general ease-of-use issues such as text legibility, the Jagex team also realized that the texture and art assets of the iconic MMO can also be handled with a new coat of digital paint.

In particular, the character models need a remaster. To make the game look more beautiful on mobile, Jagex will focus on the real basic stuff, such as how your character looks in the game. As many new players enter the mobile platform, the development team has optimized some small textures and resolution, and stuff, which means that the entire game will become better. These resolution corrections also mean that the game will look better when played on a TV or monitor that may be connected to the Xbox or PlayStation.

Because Jagex's positioning is "Game as a Service", it maintains an ongoing relationship with players and is eager to bring players a better gaming experience. RuneScape has been updated more than 1000 times in the entire game life cycle, which shows Jagex's loyalty to players.

And they will continue to make progress, committed to developing games on more platforms so that more people can understand the game in the coming days.

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