RuneScape: The Summoning Skill Is The Focus Of Ninja Strike
Source: MMOAH

After the Divination rework, Jagex stated that more RuneScape skills will receive similar change moving forward. RuneScape now has an updated summoning skill to provide superior quality of life changes and usability moving forward.

Summoning improvements

As early as 2008, Summoning first appeared in RuneScape and has been around for a while. So it's no surprise that certain aspects of combat skills have become dated. Fortunately, this Ninja Strike fixes some of the biggest shortcomings of skills.

Perhaps the biggest changes are the two improvements to the familiar scrolls. Scrolls activate a familiar special ability, and it will be much easier for you to auto using these scrolls now. You can now set how many auto attacks your familiar should do before using the scroll. All the scrolls have been renamed, including related familiar’s names, which will make it easier to identify which scroll you need for which familiar.

In addition, the Summoning user interface has undergone some modernization to make it consistent with other neighboring RuneScape interface elements. The icons are now bigger and easier to see, and the new interface makes better use of space, thanks to its more ergonomic layout.

After the update, familiars still have different time periods, but these times are now in set increments of 16 minutes. Previously, a Shadow Nihil would last 90 minutes, but after the update, it will last 96 minutes. Before the release of the mobile version of RuneScape this Thursday, these changes may make Summoning more user-friendly.

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