RuneScape: Jagex Is Working The Divination Skill To Make It More AFK
Source: MMOAH

In RuneScape, there are a total of 28 skills to train. Over its 20-year history, some of these skills are outdated and need to be reworked. An example of this is the rework of Mining and Smithing in 2019, which now has two of the oldest skills of RuneScape. Divination will be the next to accept this kind of treatment.

Divination was first released in 2013 and is one of the latest additions to RuneScape. Currently, Invention and Archaeology are the only updated skills. Nevertheless, the Jagex team felt that they needed to be reworked to become more relevant. Specifically, it hopes to provide more motivation to train skills, not just the use of invention charges and creating divine locations.

How Divination is changing?

The biggest change is the way you interact with the wisps. Currently, the duration of the wisps is about 30 seconds, after the rework, they will last at least 60 seconds. In addition, your interaction with the wisp after its first use will increase its duration by 15 seconds. If you are equipped with the Divination Mastery Cape, unlock it after hitting 99 Divinations in RuneScape, and the timer will increase by 30 seconds.

Another change is that fewer wisps will spawn, and which will spawn will be closer to the central rift. This will not only make click intensive but also faster because less time will be spent running between wisps.

Chronicle fragments have also changed with the rework. Before that, they are generated randomly and will continue to move until they are collected. You can only stack up to 10 each time before you can turn in Divination. These fragments will remain after spawning. In addition, if you click on them fast enough, you will receive an Enhanced Chronicle Fragment.

Enhanced Chronicle Fragments strengthen the nearby rifts. When strengthened, if you interact with the rift, you will receive various experience rates and energy gains. This change and the new extension mechanics should make Divination more social than it is now.

However, this is not the full content of the update. To motivate players to train Divination, Jagex introduced more rewards for upgrading gathering skills.

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