PSO 2 New Genesis: Sega Makes Changes To The Meseta System

If you are one of the players of PSO2 New Genesis, have you always been confused about the acquisition of Meseta, thinking that this is incorrect? Then your hunch is right.

Sega confirmed that the weekly income of players is lower than expected, so they decided to increase the quests for players to complete each week so that players can have the opportunity to get more PSO 2 Meseta, which is an interesting way.

Another additional change Sega made was to prevent players from creating additional accounts and using them as their primary account in farming Meseta. To achieve this, they adjusted the time when the personal shop function was available to the new accounts. They also intend to impose real-time account bans on those who are found to be involved in this activity.

In addition, the team plans to continue to monitor the situation and make timely adjustments when necessary. Before this change became available, many players could not quickly obtain PSO 2 New Genesis Meseta by completing in-game quests, so most players would choose to buy PSO 2 Meseta on MMOAH, which really helped them to immerse themselves in the game faster. 

But now players should not worry about the fact that the gain is not proportional to the effort. They can experience more content while getting more Meseta, which will keep the player fresh in the game.

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