PSO 2 New Genesis: Autumn Event Brings New Content

To celebrate the arrival of autumn, PSO 2 New Genesis is holding its second game event. The Autumn Seasonal Event is underway, and it adds more completions and gains. So you can invest in the game now to get some rewards, new items, and new content.

Sega has announced that this event will be divided into two parts, which means that the Tasks will be changed later this month to set new goals for players. This event and the Sonic Collaboration Campaign are both the beginning of more content in New Genesis. With the approach of the Bouncer class and the arrival of the Halloween event, there will be a lot of things to do before the main story update this winter.

Now, Xiandy is back in Central City, dressed in festive wear, and provides you with seasonal tasks to defeat the marked enemies. This time, it expands to Gigantix enemies who provide a large number of seasonal points, and Gigantix Nex Vera has appeared in the field.

These points are the currency of the event and can be consumed in Xiandy. And she has new stickers, some new accessories and new elemental weapons for you to buy. These elemental weapons are based on ice, which is a good addition because elemental weapons are usually not found in New Genesis. After obtaining these items, you can also purchase additional items and Star Gems with points.

A new quest

In addition, a new mission will appear, and it may be planned to be included in the 9th-anniversary event. If you are near Central City, you may have noticed the surrounding holograms, it's small hologram shrines. You need to explore the city to find all.

The world outside has changes

The larger world outside has changed the trees, so you will experience a new weather effect with leaves blowing in the wind. This is also part of the celebration.

In addition, there are a lot of new dailies and weeklies that can be completed, you will get a lot of points and PSO2 Meseta, which is great. Once the second part of the event drops, there will be new tasks available, so you can pay more attention to MMOAH, we will always follow the relevant news.

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