Pokemon BDSP Will Introduce An Area Known For Its Wonder Trade Mechanic

Pokemon BDSP is already available, and Nintendo has also announced some plans they have prepared, including the introduction of the popular Global Wonder Station, which allows trainers to randomly obtain Pokemon trades with players around the world through the "Wonder Trade" mechanic. At the same time, you can also come to MMOAH to buy Pokemon BDSP Shiny Pokemon.

However, Nintendo will replace Global Trade Station with Global Wonder Station and bring the area back after leaving it absent from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Wonder Station itself does not include one Trade mechanic. Link Trade is equivalent to regular trading, each trainer specifically chooses the Pokemon they want to trade for.

From the current point of view, Wonder Trade may still appear on Pokemon BDSP, just like Global Wonder Station itself, Nintendo may plan to include Wonder Trade in future updates, but unlike Station, publishers need more time to let the mechanic works.

The release date of Wonder Trade is still unclear because it is not clear when Global Wonder Station itself will appear. It is speculated that it will appear at some time in late December or early January, and Wonder Station will appear in early or mid-December.

Now, you can take the time to fill out your Pokedex with the features introduced in the first-day patch of BDSP, such as Ramanas Park, an area available to trainers after they become the Sinnoh Region’s champion. This park allows you to capture legendary and mythical Pokemon, which usually do not exist in Sinnoh, such as Rayquaza and the original Regi trio.

As for more news in the future, you can always check them on MMOAH later, and we will always pay attention to relevant news.

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