You'll Love These Top Three Melee Builds In Path Of Exile 3.24

In Path of Exile, you use different skill games to adapt your character to a specific play style. The skill game basically decides whether you run away from the monster or not. Close-range builds are commonly called melee builds. Melee combat excels in fast-paced combat and uses weapons such as swords, spears, maces, and knives.

For example, Path of Exile's melee builds include Lightning Strike, Whirlwind, Rand, and Blink Strike. These skills bring you closer to the monster, making you more vulnerable. In hardcore leagues, the term “tank melee” build is often used. The tanking part is pretty self-explanatory, since these abilities are relatively close to the monster. The consensus is that such a build requires more situational awareness and reaction time to be successful.

You'll Love These Top Three Melee Builds In Path Of Exile 3.24

Today we're going to cover the three best melee builds, which will make it easier for you to fight and pick up POE Currency, which drops from monsters.

Night Flicker Strike Raider

In third place is Night Flicker Strike Raider, which belongs to Ranger class. It is not only fast but also allows you to have everything easily and easily achieve more than 10 million DPS. It is also very tanky, so it has both super fast damage and extremely high survivability.

But before introducing it, I need to mention its only disadvantage, which is that it is a bit spending too much. You need three mandatory rare items to build this build, and these items have high prices. The first item is Farrul's Fur Body Armor, which allows you to have full frenzy charges continuously.

Next, you need a Yoke of suffering amulet, which increases all the elemental damage we hit and achieves the purpose of deterring the enemy. Finally, we need a Perseverance spell that can convert stiness into damage, which can accumulate the damage by a minimum of 1% for every 200 armor and evasion.

For clear speed, I give this build a full score of 10. It takes out guards in 2 seconds. Although this damage will decrease on pinnacle boss as your rage becomes harder to stack, its ability should not be underestimated. For survivability, I can only give it a 9. Although it has nearly 100,000 effective HP in this version and can use high armor, high evasion spell to avoid some elemental damage, its health regeneration ability is very low, which makes you more vulnerable to poison.


Next, let's introduce the second one, Boneshatter, which belongs to Marauder class. Because he is not only fast but also strong, players also affectionately call him tanky boy. This build is very suitable for those melee enthusiasts, because Boneshatter will hit the enemy fiercely, but it should be noted that when you hit the enemy, you will also be hurt.

So before building, you should collect enough armors to stack your own defense. In this way, when you are in the battle, you will not die before the boss.

One advantage of this build is that it has strong survivability. Some players will ask: “Don't you also get hurt when you hurt the boss? How can this be considered strong survivability?” Because there are many types of armor in this version, if you choose the appropriate armor and stack them together, you may not feel the rebounding damage. For this reason, some players may think that its speed and damage are not enough. It is still super fast and can kill the guardian in a few seconds.

After talking about the advantages, now let's talk about the disadvantages. The first one is that you need to pay attention to your accuracy. If you figure out that your armor is in the range of taking damage, you'll also get 40% more damage. As for the cost of this build, it's quite low. You only need about 60 Chaos Orbs to destroy the Endgame. If you want to go into the Yellow Map for comfort, I'd still recommend 120 Chaos Orbs.

For clear speed, I'd give it a 9. Bonshatter does a large pulse of damage when it stuns the enemy, so one bow can kill an entire group of monsters. Moreover, a high amount of attack speed can cause you to unintentionally jump to the other side of the map. That's the missing point.

For survivability, it's definitely a full 10! I'd even give it a 20! Nearly 200,000 armor and over 83% of all basic resistances are achieved in this build. All defenses combined can increase the character's effective HP to over 300,000.

Cyclone Of Tumult

Finally, let's introduce the first place in this guide - Cyclone of Tumult Slayer, which belongs to Duelist class. In last POE expansion, Transfigure Gems were introduced to replace Active Skill Gems.

This also makes Cyclones Skill get Cyclone of Tumult, which is wider and more powerful than before, but the disadvantage is also obvious that it is slower. But don't worry, you only need to use one mandatory unique item - Stamped boots. It can ensure that your movement speed is always 150% of the entire space, so this disadvantage is self-defeating.

Let's start with the advantages of this build from clear speed. Although the clear speed of this build is not as fast as the previous two, it allows you to defeat all enemies on the way while moving. This sounds really exciting! When this build is completed, you will easily achieve more than 15 million DPS, which is enough to defeat bosses in seconds.

For survivability, I give it a 9 point. Because of the high armor evasion spell suppression, this build achieves more than 100,000 effective HP. With the immense area of ​​effect bonus of Cyclone of Tumult, you don't even need to be very close to enemies in Endgame, which makes you more survivable.

Having said the pros, let's move on to its few cons. Although this build is very survivable, you still need to control your progress when you level up your character. Because this build is a super melee build, you will be very close to the enemy. This makes you die if you don't prepare the corresponding level before entering the high level.

Another suggestion for survivability is to use Stun Immunity as early as possible. In this build, you will get Stun Immunity for having closer jewels. In combat, if you always have a bad grasp of the timing of using it, you can use it as early as possible to select those evasion nodes.

Do these three melee builds make you want to enter the game and fight hard? I hope this guide can help you in your game journey, and I wish you a merry game!

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