Make Your Path Of Exile 3.24 More Fun With These 7 Builds

Posted:May 11 ,2024

Source: MMOAH

Path Of Exile build provides the most player-satisfying way to improve and equip your character. Allowing players to not only thrive in PVP and PVE, but also create a playstyle that suits them. In my opinion, this is the best Path Of Exile build of 2024.

The gameplay Path Of Exile is similar to that of Diablo series. It has a total of seven basic professions and more Ascendancy professions (or sub-professions). Each profession has its own unique play style and there are many builds. Investing more POE 3.24 currency can make these builds more complete.

Make Your Path Of Exile 3.24 More Fun With These 7 Builds

Whether you want to be a Spellcaster, a Fighter, or something more nuanced like a Necromancer. There's a character to suit every style. Path to Exile's character development is very different from Diablo. This is reflected in the greater flexibility in Classes.

With that, we've chosen some of the classic and most well-known Path to Exile builds that players can use to create amazing playstyles. Furthermore, it can be used to create some more customized and experimental base builds that players may want to create.

Each of the builds listed below is easy to create and therefore can result in a character that deals a lot of damage in combat. We've also sorted them in order of strength, so you'll know in detail which character is optimal to use in Path Of Exile.

7. Oro’s Flicker Strike Raider

As a build that cannot do without weapons Oro’s Sacrifice and the skill Flicker Strike, the idea is to attack with the weapon to deal a lot of fire damage, then use Flicker Strike to teleport and attack repeatedly.

This build actually allows for vicious tank characters to bounce around the screen and bombard enemies with super-powerful abilities, however this ability should be slowly dragged along in a fixed mindset. But Flicker Strike unlocks the unlimited potential of Oro’s Sacrifice, and together they create a dangerous combination.

The amazing thing about this build is that it can be created from any Strength-based build, so choose Maunder and level it to achieve the idea of using a two-handed weapon.

6. Tectonic Slam Chieftain

There is a famous landmark in Path Of Exile, Tectonic Slam Chieftain. Although it ranks sixth on our list, it's still a physical powerhouse that deals massive and lethal AOE damage to enemies.

Start with a standard Strength class like Marauder, then focus on leveling skills like Tectonic Slam and Endurance Charges, with tank builds in mind. However, your bread and butter will be your two main skills. While this build is shocking at killing enemy mobs, the over-reliance on AOE damage makes fighting bosses very difficult.

Because Tectonic Slam and Endurance Charges are not designed to kill individual enemies. Therefore, be sure to have a backup plan that utilizes this setup.

5. Mage Skeleton Necromancer

Necromancer is a magic-based build, and its skills are mainly to resurrect dead corpses and manipulate them to carry out the instructions given by it. Not only can these macabre casters summon skeletons to attack enemies for them, but they can also cast buffs where enemies can't see them to boost their minions, and cast curses to attack enemies that get in their way.

To create a build, start with Witch class and focus entirely on summoning this ability, specifically Skeleton Mage ability. You need to have enough Mana to pull off the summons - but you have to accept the fact that you won't become more powerful if your minions die.

One thing you need to note is that this build has a long cast time, so it can be summoned before melee to compensate, or to take damage at the right time. Then you can sit back and watch your minions destroy your enemies.

4. Elemental Hit Slayer

As you can tell from the title, Elemental Hit Slayer is a build that uses elemental magic to attack opponents. You could just target a specific element if you wanted to, but you'd be in trouble when you encounter enemies that resist your elemental powers.

Therefore, we sincerely recommend that you use Witch as your initial class, and then spend your energy leveling Fire, Lightning, and Cold to gain a full range of skills. Fortunately, you can use all three of the above abilities by boosting the same magic attributes, but the Elemental Hit ability is definitely more powerful in this version.

If you use the above three elements, it will cause a large amount of elemental damage to the enemy irregularly. The amazing thing is that even if an enemy is resistant to one element, they are likely to be defeated by the other.

This ability can be focused on a specific element (such as Fire) through the use of items such as Unique Jewel. Those who prefer to play as traditional Wizards will enjoy this version best.

3. Impervious Herald Of Agony Juggernaut

If players prefer to play as a Crusader or Paladin-like, then Impervious Herald of Agony Juggernaut will be the best build for Path Of Exile. To create this build, first create a classic tank character, such as a Marauder or Duelist, and then seek out Herald of Agony skill gem.

A vital part of the entire build, this already hardy Juggernaut class will have its Mana augmented by Gems, and will be able to poison enemies and then summon an Agony Crawler to instantly turn them to dust.

This build can not only create a Templar-like character, but he can also continuously interfere with mobs and then kill them. Just remember to always keep your mana buffed, as gems can often become scarce.

Excellent bulids in Path of Exile 3.24

2. Lacerate Gladiator

A classic Dexterity build, Lacerate Gladiator mainly uses the tearing skill to greatly increase the possibility of bleeding damage. Likewise, you can use Blood and Sand, which stack damage with Rend and increase your attack output against enemies.

While a Dexterity class like Ranger is the best choice for the build, feel free to try other types of builds if you feel that the build would benefit from greater survivability in the heat of battle.

This version is also available for Marauder, but we sincerely recommend Duelist class as it maintains a good balance between tanking and roguish styles, allowing players to get the best of both worlds.

1. Detonate Dead Necromancer

Necromancer holds a unique place in Path of Exile3.24, and while there are two versions on this list, Detonate Dead Necromancer is the one that dominates.

Of course, like any Necro build, this build utilizes minions and watches them wreak havoc, but this time it's a little different, we're turning those minions into bombs to destroy the player's enemies.

First, create your classic Necromancer build, focusing on Volatile Dead and Detonate Dead skills. This will transform your minions into unstable spheres, and the corpses around them may suddenly explode. This build's ability can cause massive damage to any nearby enemies.

If players want a more diverse experience, you can use each skill individually. In some cases this may be more convenient. However, using both builds at the same time to clear enemies that appear on the map is a Path of Exile power trip, and this build is extremely powerful.

The above is a detailed introduction to the 7 best builds in Path of Exile, aiming to improve players’ gaming experience and enhance their desire to explore world.

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