Path Of Exile: The Best Movement Skills
Source: MMOAH

When you encounter some powerful enemies in POE, you need to know how to escape them quickly. When it comes to fleeing an enemy's one-shot attack, nothing can shake the screen more than a fast-moving skill. So if you escape danger more safely, you need good movement skills.


It may be one of the most persistent skills in the game, and it is still one of the most popular ways to play melee games. Cyclone is not to avoid the enemy, but to open the distance between you and them by launching the enemy 6 feet underground in a few seconds.


In terms of the most ideal movement skill for mapping in POE, there are not many that can match the practicality of Dash. In terms of movement skills, this is very simple, you move in the direction of the cursor within a certain distance.

Dash can quickly teleport you to the target area, allowing you to cross gaps and strange terrain, because of it, you will no longer need Quicksilver Flasks often.

Blink Arrow

As one of the most awesome skills in the game, Blink Arrow is irreplaceable for bow-based builds. It not only allows you to escape, but also reposition when some melee enemies approach.

When activated, it will launch an arrow and teleport you to the arrow's destination. Blink Arrow will distract the enemies.

Smoke Mine

It allows you to throw a mine, and activate the mine where it will teleport you to, and create a smoke field in the new and old area.

It is considered by many players to be one of the best movement skills in the game. It is a practical skill as well as an evasion skill, thanks to its blind effect.

Charged Dash

It is not only a hold skill, but also the main attack skill. When activated, it will cast an image of your character, and you can use the cursor to move to a new position. Then, your character will get there and release shockwaves along the way. The damage caused is lightning, which is a solid skill for map clearing.

Lightning Warp

It is a kind of Intelligence-oriented build skill. It is a teleport and main attack skill in one. After last year’s modification, Lightning Warp became one of the most powerful skills, and many builds use it. It allows you to choose an area that can be teleported to following the countdown, and create a lightning explosion in the left area and the area that reappears.

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