Path of Exile: Sentinel's Xbox version will be delayed

The launch of Sentinel, Path of Exile's new challenge league, has drawn players from all over the world. After initial testing and adjustments, players have not been very positive about Sentinel League on PC. Due to the over-set of Archnemesis Modifiers, the difficulty of rare monsters is so high that players are annoyed.

Recently Grinding Gear Game was also focusing on solving the above problems. As for the previously promised console version will be released on May 18, and the production team seems to be unable to well done. Just earlier today, the production team announced that Path of Exile: Sentinel on the PlayStation platform would be released on schedule, but they had some shocking issues with the Xbox launch. That means Xbox players have to wait a little longer.

For now, Path of Exile: Sentinel hasn't been as widely acclaimed as expected. So far, Sentinel League has only been released for a week, but there have been a series of game performance problems. Although Grinding Gear Game has actively adjusted and fixed it, we don't yet know when the Xbox issue will be fixed.

Despite the twists and turns after the update, the potential of Path of Exile cannot be ignored. We still have to have confidence in it, and the new content in Sentinel is also worth experiencing by the majority of fans.

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