Path Of Exile Expedition: Item Filter and Passive Tree Need To Be Known

GGG shared information about item Filter and Passive Tree before their 3.15 Expedition releasing. Here are the relevant details you need to know.

Expedition league will arrive on PC on July 23. If you don’t read it, MMOAH will simply list some important information to let you know.

Expedition will see you join the Kalguuran expedition, where your task is to dig out relics as you create deals with some new merchants in Wraeclast. In addition, you can also plant explosives in the ground which you can set off. Once these explosives explode, various monsters will emerge.

However, before the release of this version, GGG also provided information about changes of the Passive Tree in addition to Item Filter functionality. For the latter, you will be able to choose item classes by category, but only if there is one category for that class. This will make the filter "backward compatible".

GGG lists other changes, such as changes to Altered Base Types:

* "Thrusting One Hand Sword" item class changed to "One Hand Sword"

* "Blessed Boots" renamed to "Fugitive Boots"

* Diamond Flask item class now "Utility Flasks" instead of "Utility Flask Critical"

* Lesser Poison Support is now called Chance to Poison Support.

* Poison Support is now called Critical Strike Affliction Support.

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