Patch 3.9.2E for Path of Exile is about to be released - Here is the Patch Notes
Patch 3.9.2E for Path of Exile is about to be released - Here is the Patch Notes

Path of Exile is an ARPG game with a large number of loyal players around the world. The main reason why this work by Grinding Gear Games is popular is that it is a truly free game. In most of the so-called free games, all you get is the right to play the game for free. There are many unique items or content that can only be obtained by paying through the in-game micro transaction system.But in Path of Exile, you can experience everything in the game for free. Although there are shops in POE, only skins and accessories that can change the appearance of characters are sold, and the upper limit that paid players and free players can reach is the same. Recently, this ARPG of Diablolike is about to release patch 3.9.2E.

No game is perfect, and developers need to constantly collect player feedback and optimize the game with updates and patches. The same is true for POE. In patch 3.9.2E, Grinding Gear Games spent a lot of energy to fix a series of game problems feedback from players, so as to provide players with a better gaming experience. Keep reading this article, you will understand the most important game issues fixed by this patch, it is worth noting that notes does not contain all the content of this patch.

Notes of Path of Exile Patch 3.9.2E (1.37):

    You can now spawn Atlas influence in a Region that had already spawned that same influence in the previous 'cycle'.

    Added a notification when completing an Awakening Objective.

    Blight monsters that are following a Blight path no longer 'aggro' to players when they are damaged.

    Added an information hover to the Atlas Inventory in Path of Exile.

    Added reminder text to the "Supported Skills throw up to 4 additional Mines" stat on Minefield Support. The behaviour of skills supported by Minefield is unchanged.

    The currency type dropdown is now ordered alphabetically, with Chaos Orb as the default option, when pricing an item in a Public Stash Tab.

    Updated various error messages to indicate that items with Catalyst Quality or the new Influence types cannot be split using the Bestiary recipe.

    The blood paths outside of Brutus' arena have been restored in Path of Exile.

    Adjusted the positions of Acid Caverns' Citadel so that it isn't partially hidden by UI elements.

    Fixed a bug which prevented additional Conquerors of the Atlas from spawning if you had migrated your Atlas from SSF while you had a Sirus encounter ready to open.

    Fixed various cases where the Immortal Syndicate warning would appear when it shouldn't.

    Fixed another bug where extremely strong Ignites sometimes dealt no damage.

    Fixed a bug introduced in 3.9.0 which caused Divination Cards that created Influenced Magic items to instead give Influenced Rare items.

    Fixed a bug that allowed players to get stuck in the Menagerie cages in Path of Exile.

    Fixed a visual bug where distortion effects appeared around thrown Dynamite.

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