New World: Server Mergers Are Getting Closer

New World's server merges are coming soon. The official forum gave a corresponding explanation. Although there are plans to introduce mergers, there are still some action items that need to be addressed. After everything is completed, the team can be sure that merging worlds will bring players a more positive experience. MMOAH has also learned about the relevant news.

This is not as simple as just speaking, it takes a lot of preparation to put it into action. They need to test their technology. They tested world merges in a Closed Beta, but it caused a persistent issue, which has been resolved later. They will continue to test merges with the team and non-public worlds, and any changes will be tested in the Public Test Realm from Monday morning.

This is not all, in addition to the details of the region and server transfers, as well as the issue with Luck and the inability to declare war, the update also discussed representation and character design.

In addition, the development team looks to the future, and they will continue to add more outfits based on cultural and narrative-driven appearance, some are more grounded, historical, and functional, while others may feel more whimsical or supernatural. Finding this balance is really what they do every. In art, they are more inclined to make dramatic statements than to risk being too safe in designs. This approach may lead to elements that feel outlandish to some, but it often allows them to enter a more evocative and interesting visual space, which they hope is unique.

The team also expressed its intention to add more feminine or masculine appearances, clothing that all body types can wear, and increase the available options for players to customize their characters.

So things seem to be moving in a good direction, and MMOAH will continue to pay attention to more news. In addition, MMOAH also provides the New World Coins players need. If you want to spend more smoothly in the game, then it will be helpful to buy New World Coins here, and the live chat on MMOAH is available 24/7, you can come here to buy what you need anytime.

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