New World: How To Get A Mini-Map?

New World will take you to a place with a variety of landscapes. Considering the level of detail of the map and the number of obstacles, you may often get lost or encounter one or two obstacles occasionally. MMOAH also saw that many New World players gave full play to their creativity, and they solved the problems encountered in the game by themselves.

If you have to complete many quests in the same area, it will be very difficult to find NPCs when you are running around in the town. Although you can bring up the map at any time and zoom in to see where you need to go, it is very inconvenient, so players have always longed for a mini-map.

But so far, Amazon Games has not revealed its plans to add a minimap to the game, which means that the official minimap will not be available in a short time. Due to the lacking of a mini-map result in various inconveniences, some New World players decided to solve this problem themselves.

Now, you can find some minimap addons on the Internet. They allow you to have a mini map when you enter the town or whenever you need it, making it easier for you to find resources and crafting stations in the city.

Amazon Games' stance on the addons is still unclear, so some players speculate that installing the minimap addons may be punished. It is unclear whether it will affect EasyAntiCheat, so using any third-party addons comes with risk.

Therefore, players who need the mini-map can only request the community forums, or try to contact the development team through social media. The minimap feature may appear in the game in the next few months because it will indeed bring more convenience to players.

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