MIR 4 Is A Play-to-earn Game

As players get tired of pay-to-win games, new types of games are becoming more and more popular in the market. A South Korean developer launched MIR 4, where players can make money by enjoying the game, which is attractive. After all, who doesn't want to make money while enjoying the game? MMOAH will introduce this play-to-earn system in detail.

Wemade’s MIR 4 is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game that continues the company’s previous game, The Legend of Mir 2.

After it was released globally on August 26, it ranked 4th among MMORPG games on steam on August 31, which is enough to show that the game is very popular.

Mir 4 revolves around the story of an Asian princess from a fallen kingdom. She escaped from an ambitious lord who wanted to kidnap and marry her to be the king. You need to choose a character, and then team up with a grandmaster and his disciples to save the princess and uncover the mysteries surrounding her secret powers. In addition to the interesting background of the game, it has other attractive points.

The uniqueness of MIR 4 is its play-to-earn system, which allows you to convert resources in the game into crypto assets that can be traded.

Collect 100,000 units of dark steel, which is an important resource in the game. You can smelt them into a Draco, which is a blockchain-based coin created by the company. Wemade estimates that the value of a Draco will be about $3.

This Draco ecosystem provides medium to long-term investment opportunities, that is, the more popular Mir 4 is, the greater the return for players will be.

To control the supply of black steel, fierce conflicts may occur between players from various countries. In addition, Wemade is also preparing a nonfungible token platform. Users can trade characters in the form of irreplaceable NFT cards. This platform will be available this month.

If you also want to make money through playing MIR 4, MIR 4 Gold seems to be helpful during the collection process. If you need any help during the game, you can come to MMOAH at any time.

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