Madden 21 Guide: How To Stiff Arm?
Madden 21 Guide: How To Stiff Arm?

In Madden, the Stiff Arm is the basic mechanic. So Madden 21 is no exception. You will have to knock off defending players to get more yards, but it is also very important to know when to stiff arm.

You can show stiff arm by pressing the "X" button on PlayStation or the "A" button on Xbox respectively. When the defender is very close to the ball carrier, the ball carrier will push them away with one arm.

The timing of the Stiff Arm is important to ensure that it is effective and actually pushes the defender away. Using Stiff Arm too early or too late will make it less effective, but it will usually result in you getting some extra yards. When the defending player engages, the stiff arm will push them off and the player will remain to stand and can continue to run.

The effectiveness of the stiff arm depends on the stiff arm stat. If players with high stiff-arm stats can push away defenders more easily. As we all know, Halfbacks usually have high stats of stiff arm, but some WRs and TEs can also use stiff arm effectively to defending players.

If you want to show the stiff arm more perfectly, you need to choose a player with a high stiff arm stat, so he can show it to the maximum. These are some tips about the stiff arm, then you just need to practice more, and then you can show off on the court.

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