Lost Ark: Express Mission Event is now updated

The Lost Ark Express Mission Event was released a week ago with the April Update. However, there is controversy and discussion about the choice of active characters by a large number of players. At present, Amazon Games has not only fixed some original bugs, but also launched new content based on player feedback.

The Express Mission Event is a mission dedicated to helping players level up their characters. This is a great opportunity for those new users and those ready to replace new roles. The events will span a long time, and players will have plenty of time to get upgrade materials from the North Vern, Rohendel, Yorn, and Feiton continents to progress.

The update to the Express Mission Event involved changes to the help progress that players are concerned about. First, the character conditions that are allowed to be designated as Quick Quest character events have been expanded from between levels 50 and 1000 to between levels 50 and 1100; second, a new character option feature has been added to the event, for T1 and T2 honing benefits which had not to participate in the event, players will be able to change their Express Mission Event characters, but a player can only do so once, and once a character is deleted, it cannot be assigned a new one.

It's worth noting that players need to choose their characters to participate in the mission on June 30, and complete it as much as possible before the event officially ends on July 28.

The specific update catalog can be found in the official Lost Ark.

This event is very helpful for players at different stages, especially those who are new to Lost Ark. If you also want to make good progress in the game, MMOAH will provide you with cheap Lost Ark Gold for sale, and you can always contact us to buy the products you need.

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