LOL Wild Rift Guide: All Details About Ranked System And Victory Points
LOL Wild Rift Guide: All Details About Ranked System And Victory Points

LOL: Wild Rift is already in the open beta testing. From the current point of view, it already has the characteristics of an excellent game, such as the ranked system and victory points.

Ranked System

When you play Wild Rift, you can choose a regular game or a ranked match, which is the same as LOL, and you'll see the leader and ranked tiers. Of course, you begin with Iron. If you win the first game and perform well, you will get more victory points and eventually get to a higher tier. The specific rankings are as following:











Victory Points

If you want to upgrade smoothly in the Wild Rift, just victory is not enough. You need to perform well. Your overall performance is the key to determining whether you can upgrade. So in the game, you need to do your best to have a good KDA, so that you will obtain more victory points after the game.

There will be a slight difference between the lower and higher tiers starting from Diamond. Wild Rift tiers possess four divisions before leveling up, but when you arrive at Diamond you will need 100 Victory Points for each division. 

Once you reach the Master, you will find that the system has changed and is more dynamic than before. Instead of the previous divisions, the level of your character will be displayed. If you want to see what position you are in your peers, you have to do your best to get to Grandmaster or Challenger.

Another thing worth noting is that when you arrive at the Master, you will no longer be able to play with your friends, because Masters are restricted to solo only, which also makes the game fairer.

How to avoid losing victory points and ranked tier?

Once you reach the Diamond or higher, you need to always pay attention to your position, because once you become inactive, you will lose your victory points and ranked tier, but fortunately, your ranked tier will not decrease indefinitely, the bottom tier you can fall to is Emerald.

Because each player in the game has a hidden active score, which reflects how often the player plays the game, Riot will know immediately once you become inactive.

Participating in a ranked match will get 1 point, and the maximum is 7 points. However, every day, this score will be automatically subtracted 1, until that score reaches 0. After that, you will start to lose victory points. This means you have a week to return to the game to maintain your ranked tier in the game! If you do not return to the game within the time limit, you will lose victory points until you drop to the Emerald.

This is the ranked system's details of LOL: Wild Rift. If you don't have too much time to grind your junior characters, you can go to MMOAH to buy LOL: Wild Rift Accounts with level 10 or 15.

As the game develops, MMOAH will launch more products about LOL: Wild Rift. If you want to know more information in time, you can stay tuned to MMOAH.

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