How To Transfer Characters To PSO2 New Genesis?
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Nearly a year after PSO2 was released in the west, Sega launched PSO2 New Genesis. New Genesis is a brand new experience, taking many of its predecessors, and improving and expanding countless game features. This includes an unknown storyline, a whole new series of enemies, weapons, and armor. Although creating a new character from scratch is enjoyable for some players, some players want to keep their role in PSO2.

Character creation is an important part of PSO2, because there are a large number of cosmetic items to choose from in the game. So you may spend a lot of time trying various colors, positions, proportions, and quantities. Although New Genesis has its processing methods for facial and body features, and it is also easy if you want to start with something familiar. The role can be easily transferred from the basic PSO2 to New Genesis. Below is the specific method to transfer the role to New Genesis.

How to transfer characters to PSO2 New Genesis

Because New Genesis is only for Western PC and Xbox platforms, there are two methods for you to choose from in the game.

Use the Microsoft Store to download the game, and use the Xbox Gamertag to log in when prompted. Your previous data from base PSO2 will have their data automatically transferred to New Genesis after loading. Just pick the ship used in PSO2 and choose "character creation/selection". The characters in question will be instantly available, from highest or most recently used, downward. The same applies to Xbox. Simply start the game, enter the character selection, and select which version of PSO2 you want to enter the character in question.

For players on Steam or PC platforms, these steps are a bit tricky. Sega provides a character creation Benchmark that allows players to upload their characters in PSO2 or create new characters after the release of New Genesis. After entering the PSO2 data files, copy the character file information to the Benchmark folder, start the game, and load them during the character creation process. So you make some cosmetic changes to your character in the salon before saving them. Once the file is copied, PSO2 New Genesis will extract the character data from the benchmark and appear in the correct ship character list. This also uses the characters created in the benchmark.

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