Forza Horizon 5 - How to buy legendary cars at the auction house for sale?

1.When you don't have enough credits to buy the legendary cars . You can sell some cheap cars, after we buy the cars, until you have enough credits to auction legendary cars.

2.When you have about 1M credits, you can choose Mercedes-benz MB SSK(Which is the car in the picture below) Please note that this is a bidding instead of direct purchase.

3.When you have credits above 4M, you can try to bid cars with higher value, for example

JAGUAR D-TYPE(It is still obtained by auction instead of direct purchase)

The following shows every step of Mercedes-benz MB SSK bidding, which can be obtained according to the method shown in the figure below.

Step 1 Choose the car you need to bid on

Step 2 Look for a car that is about to end and the price is suitable

Step 3 Bid for the car of your choice

Step 4 Wait for the auction to end, get the car you bid and put it on the auction house at the highest price. Note that bidding is obtained by the higher bidder, so you are not 100% obtained. Please keep bidding or choose another car to bid again.

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