Forza Horizon 4 - How to trade CR(Credits)?

1. Enter the Auction House interface

2. If you have 3M to 6M CR, please use "SEARCH CARS" to search for MERCEDES-BENZ(MAKE) M-B SUPER SPORT(MODEL) in Auction House and buy it. With this car we can trade 20M CR to you every time. You can learn how to search this car from image below.

3. With the above operations, you will find cars in the picture below. Buy one of them, get it out and use "START AUCTION" to sell it. You should set the STARTIGN PRICE and BUYOUT PRICE to 20M CR and set the AUCTION LENGTH to 24h, then give us the GamerTag or Seller name. If the car is listed succesfuly in the AUCTION HOUSE, our staff will buy it ASAP and you will get CR.

4. If you don't have enough CR, you can use our Comfort Trade service, which helps you to get CR and Cars faster. We need to login your game account to recharge CR, please provide correct Account Name and Password. It is worth noting that we also need a verification code to enter the game, please send the verification code to our live support in time. If you use Steam to play this game, except the Steam Account and Password, we also need the details of the Microsoft Account which the game was bind. Please provide all correct info we need of your game account and we will deliver your order ASAP, thanks for your cooperation.

5. After Comfort Trade completed, you need to login your game account on your device and synchronize data, then you will get all items you ordered.

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