FIFA 21 Guide: New Way For New Agile Dribbling
FIFA 21 Guide: New Way For New Agile Dribbling

Most people think that in FIFA games, the final victory depends on accurate shooting, but in fact, a series of actions of players before the shooting is also important.

So if you are also a new FIFA player, it is beneficial for you to master the dribbling as soon as possible. With the continuous update of FIFA, the dribbling becomes more and more smooth, and gamers’ experience is getting better and better. So, if you can use Agile Dribbling in the game, this is not only cool, but it also helps your team become a winner. Next, we will introduce the best ball control methods and new Agile Dribbling techniques in FIFA 21.

Some basic controls you may already know

A single move will only increase your chances of failure, so you have to learn various combos, so that you can not only show off your superb skills in the game but also occupy an advantageous position on the court.

New Agile Dribbling

For FIFA 21, Agile Dribbling is a new feature. The development team stated that the Agile Dribbling in FIFA 21 is a fusion of the world's best dribbling skills, this allows players to flexibly move the ball between their feet, so as to easily get rid of the enemy defenders.

EA also gave a good suggestion for Agile Dribbling: hold R1/RB while moving the left Stick. After following this guide, you will find that the player can move the ball quickly and accurately. Of course, players with different attributes have different probabilities of completing this move. Players with higher Dribbling, Agility, Reaction and Ball Control attributes can control the ball faster and more accurately. So, if you have enough FUT 21 Coins, it is necessary to get a good player.

Perfection comes from constant practice. If you are a new gamer in FIFA 21, you don't have to worry. If you practice harder, you will get your glory sooner or later. On the other hand, the players' stats are also very important. The higher the player's Agility, Ball Control and Dribbling, the better at Agile Dribbling. If you do not have a large number of FIFA 21 Coins for buying good players to configure your team, then first recruit at least two players with good DRI stats to improve your team's ball control ability.

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