FFXIV: Three Tips for Winning in Crystalline Conflict

May 09, 2022 Source: MMOAH

Crystalline Conflict is a very interesting team competition mechanic introduced in Final Fantasy XIV's recent 6.1 updates, where players need to form teams of five to fight against other players' teams. Each team needs to push the crystal to the target in the enemy faction, this mode will make PvP faster and easier.

For novices with no experience in this type of game, Crystalline Conflict is a test of their reflexes and teamwork. Although the game is generally easy to play, it is still necessary to understand the following three practical skills.

1. Grab the first 30 seconds of the game.

Players will have a 30-second cooldown before Crystalline Conflict officially starts, and crystals will be locked for an additional 30 seconds after the match begins. These two cooldowns are the best time to observe the enemy's situation. We can focus on observing the professional skills, positioning, and movement of the five enemies on the opposite side to prepare for the next game. It is important to note that it is not wise to immediately jump over the enemy line to start the fight, as the locked crystal will not be able to function.

2. Make the most of your class strengths.

I believe that players have considered many factors before choosing a career, and the same is true before participating in Crystalline Conflict. Although each profession can cause a lot of damage, the same profession will not appear in the camp, which means that players need to know their profession and skills and the effects they can cause.

3. Avoid going it alone.

Teamwork is one of the appealing qualities of PvP. Players who form a team will gather to attack the enemy, and each player has their area of ​​responsibility. 1v3 or even 1v5 situations are basically impossible to win. If you are seriously injured during the battle, please do not die alone and return to your team immediately.

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