FFXIV: Teleportation Fees Are Increasing Along With The Arrival Of Endwalker

Endwalker will arrive in November, and FFXIV will also introduce a change, which is also not very popular. It means that the cap for teleportation will be lifted. In the current FFXIV, you only need to pay up to 999 FFXIV Gil to quickly reach any destination.

FFXIV includes many quests, one of which is to travel across the continent, just have a few dialogues with the NPC, and then return to the original position. One of the reasons for A Realm Reborn to rework the quest is to simplify the game and delete many quests. You can use teleport action to quickly go to locations including an Aetheryte ticket, such as through referring a friend to the games, which reduces the hassle of paying for fast travel. You can also set a destination and use the Return command to return for free, although it has a long recharge timer.

It is not only the real housing market of FFXIV that is facing trouble but also the fast travel system. In the recent FFXIV Live Letter event, the producer also revealed new information about the changes to the game teleportation system. FFXIV will cancel the fast travel price cap, which means that they will exceed 999 Gil. The exact price depends on the distance traveled.

It's not just the teleportation cost of FFXIV that will change, Aetheryte's fare will also change. The producer said that FFXIV will introduce a new range-restricted ticket, which is different from the existing tickets that can take you anywhere. So you need to make better use of your home point/Return commands to minimize the cost of teleporting.

On the other hand, the UI of the fast travel menu in the cities will be changed, and the location of each Aethryte point will be displayed on the minimap, so you can know where you need to go without being familiar with the area.

Fans still think that the price of Teleport and the change of Aetheryte tickets seem unnecessary, so before Endwalker is officially released, fans still hope that this decision will be revoked. More specific information will only be announced in November. MMOAH will always pay attention to relevant news.

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