FFXIV: Server Congestion Gets Worse, Some Worlds Are Closed To New Characters

As FFXIV becomes more and more popular, more and more players join the game, but this also brings some trouble to the game, due to the influx of a large number of players, simultaneous logins continue to reach the upper limit of the server capacity. Square Enix has now specified some worlds as congested and closed them to the creation of new characters, while they are almost expanding server capacity.

On August 24, FFXIV received patch 5.58 Hotfix. During the maintenance, all Worlds on the North American Aether data center are marked as Congested because their logins have reached full capacity. This new Congested classification prevents players from creating new characters in these worlds because it will increase the length of the login queue.

Unless Square Enix can expand server capacity, this designation will not be removed. Currently, the game encourages players to create new characters in the world based on the Primal or Crystal data center, although these worlds are also very busy.

The situation in European data centers is a little better, but that doesn’t prevent them from becoming quite congested on weekends. Now, the server configuration has been changed to increase the login caps. By the end of next month, Square Enix will replace some of its existing equipment with higher-performance machines, so the upper limit can be further increased.

Previous measures to deal with congestion included setting a new 30-minute logout timer for idle players, but this does not seem to be enough to deal with the massive increase in players. In the long run, the team is now considering the expansion of the data center, and even the addition of new worlds, to fully consider the increase in the number of players.

Square Enix once planned to invest millions of dollars in server infrastructure, but due to the global pandemic, the plan has been delayed. But from the current point of view, the developers are doing their best to solve the existing problems of the game to ensure a good game experience for players.

Producer Naoko Yoshida also said that they need more time to implement large-scale solutions, and thank the players for their understanding and support. So all we can do now is to wait patiently. Once the problem is solved, everything will become better.

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