FFXIV: Make It Rain Event Is Back!

As the release date of the FFXIV: Endwalker expansion approaches, it has reached a certain height, and a wave of new players will make it rain for the first time. As fans have hoped, the Make It Rain event is back! If you are a new player to FFXIV, you may be confused about this. Fortunately, Square Enix provided some details about the event.

Make It Rain event starts on July 19 at 1 am PDT/4 am EDT/9 am BST and will end on August 11 at 8 am PDT/11 am EDT/4 pm BST. During this period, you will get more than 50% of MGP, which is a special in-game currency you can get at Gold Saucer, the gambling and mini-game hub of FFXIV. You can buy special cosmetics at Gold Saucer with that.

The more productive MGP grind is the most important part of Make It Rain, but there is also a special quest called The Great Horn Heist, provided by Ollier at UI’dah. If you are not familiar with his location, then go to the X:9.4 and Y:9.2 coordinates at the Steps of Nald to find him.

As part of the event, you can also get the vexed emote and 5000 bonus MGPs.

Although Endwalker will be released in November this year, FFXIV does not ignore the current content for this reason, and will often update the content of the game to bring players freshness, and previously thought that WOW streamer (Asmongold) has tried FFXIV. This also attracted many new players to join the game, so it is foreseeable that there will be more players waiting for the arrival of Endwalker.

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