FFXIV: How To Unlock And Beat The Crown Of The Immaculate Trial?
FFXIV: How To Unlock And Beat The Crown Of The Immaculate Trial?

Shadowbringers is the latest expansion of FFXIV. It brings a lot of new content to players, which attracts many new players.

In Shadowbringers, you need to complete The Crown of the Immaculate trial, only then can you progress the storyline. This battle may be a big challenge for many players, so we will introduce you in detail.

How to unlock?

To unlock it, you need to perform the main scenario quest - Extinguishing the Last Light, which requires you to reach level 79. Once you meet this condition, you can find Chai-Nuzz in Kholusia (X: 18.7, Y: 17.7) and get the quest from him. In this quest, you will talk to Y'shtola and then unlock the Mt.Gulg dungeon. Only by completing these can you successfully unlock The Crown of the Immaculate Trial.

A team will consist of 8 players: 2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 DPS roles, and all team members will be synchronized to 420. For preformed groups that meet the requirements, the role and item level restrictions are lifted.

How to beat?

First phase

There are four phases in this trial, and the first phase is the easiest.

When Innocence summons Heavenly Host, you need to kill these monsters as soon as possible.

Forgiven Shame uses Scout's Bridle, which causes AoE damage and reduces the health of your team.

Forgiven Venery uses the Holy Sword, which will cause a lot of damage to those who hold hate.

Innocence will use Guiding Light, which will increase a buff and their damage will be increased. And Innocence will also use an AoE - Realmrazer that fills the room, and Daybreak, so you need to avoid these.

Sinsphere can summon 4 meteor towers, so knowing that one team member is standing on each meteor tower can prevent Sinsphere from causing damage to the entire team. At the same time, Innocence will use Enthrall, you must stay away from him.

Finally, Innocence will use Exalted Wing, which will cause AoE damage. After that, he will use Exalted Plumes, which will hurt every player.

Second Phase

Innocence will transform into the form of an angel and there will be a whole set of new moves.

Righteous Bolt is a move of a tank buster that causes moderate damage to anyone with hate.

Winged Reprobation has two results, one is Stationary Swords, which stretches two swords, they will randomly shoot 3 AoE lines. And this will happen continuously, you need to keep moving. The second case is Spinning Swords, where one sword is thrown into the center of the arena, and multiple swords are dropped while spinning around the room. During this period you can stand on the second golden ring on the floor, which is the safest place.

Third Phase

Innocence will jump to the north of the arena, summoning five adds: 1 Forgiven Venery, 4 Forgiven Shames. Only if all Shames are defeated, will Venery be hurt.

The Forgiven Venery will put Tether on a Forgiven Shame, which will start to release a long Holy Sword, and in the end, she will pull them back to her and sacrifice them. The Venery will do this to four Shames in turn, and each sacrifice will cause one AoE damage.

The last step is Flaming Sword. Its damage depends on how much the Immaculate Authority Gauge is filled. If this gauge hits 100, the entire team will be destroyed. Flaming Sword's damage was calculated from the moment Forgiven Venery died.

Fourth Phase

The first new move is God Ray, Innocence jumps to the center of the arena, spawning 3 cone-shaped layers of AoE will disappear, and the AoE will rotate randomly each time it explodes, so you have to stand near Innocence. It is easier to avoid.

Another new move is Light Pillar. Players need to stack on the target player behind the boss in order to share the damage between the teams. Drop of Light will cause random AoE circles to appear, so you should spread out.

Beatific Vision saw Innocence move to the other side and draw a line in the center of the room, where it would rush to the other side. At the edge of the room where his path does not cross, the AoE has less damage, so you can come here.

Innocence will release these new moves in rotation, and it will be more difficult for you to avoid them.

This battle is indeed very challenging. Although this introduces some relevant information, your ability is still the key to victory. In addition to working well with your teammates, it is also very important that you have good armor and weapons. You can use FFXIV Gil to continuously make your character stronger.

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