FFXIV Guide: How To Unlock The Dalriada Raid?
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The latest patch of FFXIV introduces some new content, including Dalraida Raid. This article will guide you to unlock it, which also means that you will be able to access the new game mode. But the most-watched this year is the upcoming expansion - Endwalker. It will be released later this year and will bring dozens of hours of new content and the ending of this legendary story. Before this, the development team will also release some small updates to keep the game fresh enough to attract players.

How to unlock the Slriada Raid?

First, you need to unlock Zadnor, which is the other new content introduced in patch 5.55.

Here is how to unlock Zadnor:

* You need to level up your relic weapons

* You need to have progressed far in the storyline of Save the Queen

Then go to Gangos, talk to Marsak to start a quest - A New Playing Field. This will let you follow the path to unlock Zadnor. You will be able to continue to upgrade your relic weapons, after which you will be able to visit Dalraida Raid.

Unlock The Dalraida Raid

You need to reach level 25 of the Mettle level and continue to through the questline of Save the Queen. When you reach level 25, you will see a new mission. Once completed, you can visit Dalraida Raid inside Zadnor. This 48-player raid is challenging, so you need to be fully prepared before taking it on.

FFXIV will end the current story with the release of Endwalker, so Endwalker will be exciting. This story is happening since the beginning of the reboot, so fans are curious how developers will end this story. In order to ensure that they experience the core of the game, many players seem to be fully prepared for it, and sufficient FFXIV Gil is necessary.

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