FFXIV Guide: How To Level Up Faster?

Like other MMO games, FFXIV requires your character to level up by grinding. In the beginning, this is a simple matter, but once you start to hit higher levels, the amount of experience required will become very intense, so more grinding is required.

FFXIV provides players with a variety of methods to gain effective experience, so you can improve your jobs to level 80 through various methods. In addition to grinding random enemies or repeatedly completing dungeons, these methods can also provide a lot of game experience.

Eat food

Although food is not the most basic in FFXIV, every food item has great benefits. Most food items will give you different levels of stat buffs based on the level of development of the food platter, but each food item will give you experience value adjustments within a specific time.

Eating a piece of food will provide you with a 30-minute experience bonus, which can be stacked up to 2 times for a maximum of 1 hour. This modifier will increase the experience gained by defeating the enemy by 3%.

Find sanctuary

Almost every place with an Aetheryte will be a Sanctuary. If you don't end the game in one place, you will be told that you are not in a Sanctuary and will miss the Rest Experience.

By simply ending the game in a Sanctuary and logging in again later, a small bonus multiplier to all experience gained to a cap through Reset Experience.

Complete the daily quest

Daily upgrade quests are set up in Duty Finder, allowing you to accumulate a large amount of experience once a day. By queuing up for this quest, you will join a dungeon or a primitive battle that you’ve already beaten with other players, although all the experience gained in the quest, including the end experience, will be boosted exponentially.

Tackle the next main story quest

All MSQs in FFXIV are closely related to your job level at the time. Although the base game, A Realm Reborn, provides the least amount of experience per MSQ before the end, it provides enough experience to ensure that you maintain a stable level and complete all the content.

Endwalker released this fall is also likely to include such a large number of MSQ experiences. But if you want to level up a new job with the quests, it is almost impossible. Because they require jobs to be a specific level, almost all of which are higher than 50, so these MSQs acts are more like a kind of late-game grinding.

These are ways that allow you to upgrade quickly in FFXIV. If you are a fan of FFXIV, don't miss this article, and you can subscribe to MMOAH, because we will frequently update FFXIV related articles, especially when Endwalker arrives. 

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