FFXIV Endwalker: Details About The Sage Job
Source: MMOAH

FFXIV: Endwalker will be released later this year, which will introduce new dungeons, raids, and gear. In addition to many new features, there will also be a new job - Sage. It appeared for the first time in Final Fantasy 3 and reappeared in Final Fantasy Tactics. After that, players have been looking forward to the arrival of Sage.

In FFXIV, Sage is very different from the job that we have seen in previous games. Sage is not using powerful black and white magic or inflicting status hindering attacks, but a barrier healer, similar to a scholar. This is the fourth healer to join FFXIV, together with White Mage, Scholar, and Astrologian.

We already know that this is one of two new jobs after the release date of FFXIV: Endwalker. This article will introduce Sage-related details, how to unlock Sage, and Sage's performance in battle.

Sage abilities

Sage is a healer job that uses the detachable Aether imbued Nouliths to help teammates in battle, whether it is healing, buffing, or using barriers to protect teammates.

How to lock the Sage?

We don't know much about the unlocking requirements, but like other jobs, you need to reach level 70 or higher in the Discipline of War or Magic. There will also be a quest line to complete in Limsa Lominsa, but we don’t yet know who will set the quest, the exact location, or the details of the story.

The Sage’s main job

* Heal and protect the party with barriers

* Use Aether to manipulate Nouliths in combat

* Temporary augment their magic abilities

In May, the FFXIV Fan Festival will come. Hope that there will be more Sage-related information and more other content will be revealed. At that time, MMOAH will also update relevant news in time.

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