FFXIV Contest: You Can Design Your Class Weapons At Will

FFXIV will host a new contest where you will be able to design weapons for the current classes. The game will introduce the Reaper and Sage classes in the upcoming FFXIV Endwalker expansion, but this is not part of the contest.

The weapons in FFXIV are associated with specific classes, and they can completely change the combat strength of the character. For many players, the aesthetics of a weapon is as important as its stats. In FFXIV, you can change the appearance of equipment with the help of glamour prisms, which allow you to adjust the aesthetics of all your gear.

This contest allows players to design weapons for specific classes, and 18 winners will be selected, each of which is selected from different categories. If you are interested, you are free to participate as many times as you want.

Contest rewards

* 18 winners will bring their weapons into the game and will also win a Great Paraserpent in-game item.

* 100 finalists will get the Grand Paraserpent

* 300 runner-ups will receive a Bluebird Earring, a Scarf Para of Wondrous, a Scarf of Wondrous Wit, a Mandragora Choker, an Ahriman Choker, a Noble Barding, a Gaelicap, and a haircut matching Final Fantasy 7's Cloud Strife.

This contest is ongoing and will last until October 4th, 2021. The winners will be announced on April 30th, 2022. This website has templates for each weapon type, and contestants need to use these templates to match the average weapons in the game. You can use digital entries or scanned versions of hand-drawn images and submit entries via the official entry form on the Square Enix website.

The weapons in Final Fantasy are made up of standard fantasy video game fares, like swords, wands, and lances. However, there are also classes with unconventional weapons, such as gunblade or star globe.

If you want to become a weapon designer, then this contest will be a great opportunity, because once you can stand out from the crowd, you will likely get the attention of Square Enix.

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