ESO: More Details About Leads

Greymoor has recently introduced some leads, which is to provide you with a chance to tap into Indiana Jones for a good treasure hunt. They are somewhat different from the museum collections you find on various continents. You can find cosmetics, mounts, treasure to sell, and more, it all depends on the time you invest into the craft.

You need to join the Antiquities Guild first and get some items and certification badges. You can take a closer look at this article on MMOAH.

How to join the Antiquities Guild?

* Go to Western Skyrim

* Find the way to Solitude

* Walk to the Blue Palace and you can see the Antiquities Guild on the left by the Bard’s College

* Talk with Verita Numida and complete the quest she gives you

* You will net the Antiquarian’s Eye

How to Scry?

* You can find a simple lead in each area, and you’ll get some XP

* There are leads in your journal under Antiquities

* You can scry them, opening a puzzle minigame

* You need to join up matching hexagons to reach all the circles, then get a zone marked on your map. Mark your way there

* Once arrived, to quick slot the Antiquarian’s Eye

* When you use it, it’ll mark the way to a pile of dirt. Dig the dirt and you’ll enter another minigame

* The paintbrush marks each square, green means the antiquity is underneath. Yellow means you’re getting closer. Red means you’re nowhere near.

* Find the antiquity and dig it up

Where to find leads?

Each field has at least one simple lead, and once you have completed it, you will enter the next tier. Then, you can get better leads by defeating bosses and ordinary mobs or by finding them as placed treasure in key locations. They will appear in boxes or other containers.

What do you get from leads?

You can get different rewards from leads. At the beginning of the game, you can pawn the treasure to the merchant in exchange for ESO Gold.

Dwarven Ebon Wolf Mount, a slew of motifs and style pages will make you more fashionable.

And for more info, you can browse MMOAH and buy ESO Gold.

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