ESO: Deadlands Wandering Executioner Bosses Guide

ESO's Deadlands DLC introduces a new world boss system, which does not spawn bosses in a specific location. Deadlands introduced 3 Wandering Executioners, who are distributed in new areas.

* Irncifel the Despoiler

* Kothan the Razorsworn

* Vorsholazh the Anvil

They are harder than normal world bosses, with higher health pools and stronger attacks.

The Deadlands Havocrels

The Havocrels are a race of blind, huge Daedra that does not serve any particular Prince. Because of their lack of allegiances, Havocrels will sign contracts with different Princes for their purposes.

Havocrels cannot get along with other people because they cannot create bonds, so these Daedra are usually found alone. MMOAH will show you their specific locations.

Where to find the Wandering Bosses?

They randomly spawn throughout the area, and although only one is available at any time, they will respawn elsewhere in the area after the other has been down. Under normal circumstances, you can find the Wandering Executioner in the blue area below.

The more specific location is:

* Outside False Martyr’s Folly

* Between the Raging Coast and Wounded Crossing Wayshrines

* Southeast of Brandfire Reformatory

Wandering Bosses Drops

Every wandering boss has a chance to drop these items:

* Zone-specific item sets (not including Mythic items)

* Deadlands motifs

* Several Deadlands Antiquities leads

* Treasures and other sellable items

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