Elyon unveils update plan for 2022

Apr 11, 2022 Source: MMOAH

Recently, South Korean KakaoGames released the new Elyon 2022 roadmap and related game details. In the plan, it mentioned that the game will develop and update new careers, new scenes, new features, and other long-awaited content for players this year.

Elyon suspended support for the Spanish version and fixed some bugs in the April 6th update. Although this update has less content, it is expected that there will be larger game updates the next time.

The first is the new occupation: the"Paladin" will be added in May. The "Paladin" uses swords and shields and uses attack and auxiliary skills according to the battle situation, which can experience the fun of using tactics. And August or September will launch a new class "Soulbringer" using a two-handed sword.

Secondly, Elyon will open a new script. Players will have to defeat the newly debuted the"King of Battles" Irukas, and the relevant dungeon can enter at most 30 people at the same time to meet the challenges and get rewards. At the same time, this dungeon is better than the existing 10 people are simpler, and there will be more explorers to challenge.

In addition, the long-awaited reset of faction battles is about to become a reality. In June, players will be able to join PvP challenges at the new Hunting Grounds and be able to attack players from enemy clans without being restricted by enemy camps.

In general, game makers are constantly improving the balance between occupations, enhancing the convenience of the game, and making efforts to integrate Elyon to be the games that support gamepads. If you are also looking forward to Elyon's update this year and want to be more powerful in Elyon, you can get Elyon Gold/Items on MMOAH for a better gaming experience.

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