Tips & Tricks For Quickly Leveling Up Various NPC Guilds In The Elder Scrolls Online

This guide will discuss the NPC guilds available for joining in Elder Scrolls Online and provide insights on leveling them up.

Tips & Tricks For Quickly Leveling Up Various NPC Guilds In The Elder Scrolls Online

Types Of NPC Guilds

There are 3 NPC guilds you can join: Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and the Undaunted. If you have additional chapters and DLCs, you can also join:

  • The Psijic Order, which is accessible through the Summerset chapter
  • The Dark Brotherhood, which is accessible through the Dark Brotherhood DLC
  • The Thieves Guild, which is accessible through the Thieves Guild DLC

Starting with the base game guilds, each of the faction starting zones will give you access to all 3 of the main guilds:

  • Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls
  • Vulkhel Guard in Auridon
  • Daggerfall in Glenumbra

You can find these guilds in major DLC zones, such as Somerset and Western Skyrim, also feature these guilds.

While each of these guilds has a rich and unique storyline associated with them, you are not required to do them in order to join the guilds and reap the benefits of their skill lines.

Their unique skill lines include both active and passive skills. To get access to the full line of skills, you will need to level each guild.

Fighters Guild

To level up your Fighter Guild, you will need to defeat certain types of enemies or conquer Dolmens, Vampires, Werewolves, Undead, and Daedra, which are your primary source of points. To defeat them easily, it is necessary to use your ESO Gold to equip yourself!

These enemies can be found in many places throughout Tamriel. Some recommended locations for power leveling are Alik’r Desert Dolmens, Banished Cells group dungeons, Crypt of Hearts group dungeons, and the Vaults of Madness group dungeon, as these locations are filled with Undead and Daedra.

You will receive 1 point per enemy defeated, and 20 points for each Dolmen conquered. Since Dolmens are such a rich source of points, some zone players advertise dolman groups in chat. The most popular place for this is Alik’r Desert. By grouping up, you will receive all points from kills made by your group members as well as your own. If you can get one hit in, you’ll get credit.

Another way to level this skill line is to visit Cardea Gallus at the Fighters Guild for a daily quest that will ask you to complete 3 Dolmens in a particular zone. Completing this daily will award you 10 points.

Elder Scrolls Online Fighters Guild

Mages Guild

To level the Mages Guild skill, there are special lore books scattered throughout the world. Each book will provide 5 points when collected.

In a particular area, there are 4 copies of the same book, giving you options. Once you collect one of them, the other copies will disappear. If you are on PC, we recommend using the Map Pins addon, which will show you the location of all lore books, making collecting the books much easier.

Just like the Fighters Guild, you can also visit the Mages Guild for a daily quest. Alvure Baren will send you to a specific public dungeon to retrieve an item for him.


Undaunted is leveled by completing group dungeon quests, pledges, delve dailies, and trial quests.

Completing the initial dungeon quest will award you 25 points. Completing a trial quest on normal difficulty will award you 50 points. And completing a trial quest on veteran difficulty will award you 100 points.

Once you hit level 45, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Undaunted, allowing you to unlock 3 daily pledge quests:

  • Pledges completed on normal difficulty will award 25 points each.
  • Pledges completed on veteran difficulty will award 50 points each.
  • Pledges completed on veteran hard mode difficulty will award 100 points each.

The Undaunted also has a daily quest available at any Undaunted Enclave for an additional 10 points. Bolgrul of the Undaunted will send you to complete a quest in a specific zone Delves.

For any of the three guild dailies, while the character you’re on can only obtain one of each daily, friends may receive a different daily and can share them with you for even more points.

Elder Scrolls Online Undaunted

Psijic Order

For those with access to extra content beyond the base game, there are 3 additional guilds available for joining.

If you possess the Summerset chapter, you can become a member of the Psijic Order after completing the initial main quest in Summerset, known as "The Queen's Decree."

Upon reaching Artaeum, locate Loremaster Celarus within the Ceporah Tower. The Psijic Order is one of the most tedious to level, as you will follow the questline, which brings you to the far reaches of Tamriel.

If you don't have many wayshrines open yet, get your running shoes on. If you are on PC, we recommend using the Map Pins addon, which will show you the locations of all the time breaches, making it a bit easier to navigate.

Thieves Guild

If you have access to the Thieves Guild DLC, you can join the Thieves Guild, which is started by talking to Quen in any Outlaws Refuges or by going into the Crown Store and obtaining the free quest starter.

The fastest way to level the Thieves Guild is to steal. We recommend heading to the Belkarth docks in Craglorn and looting all the containers, which will net you a ton of stolen items to sell to a fence.

Another great option is to go to Khenarthi's Roost and turn the fields of sheep into veal. Selling and laundering the meat will give you a ton of points.

Note that there is a daily limit to how much you can sell and launder, which can increase as you level the skill line.

You can also complete 3 daily quests for additional points, including Heist, the Tip Board, and the Reacquisition Board.

Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild

Dark Brotherhood

Finally, if you have access to the Dark Brotherhood DLC, you can join the Dark Brotherhood, which you can start by talking to Amelie Crowe in any Outlaws Refuges or by going into the Crown Store and obtaining the free quest starter.

The Dark Brotherhood skill line is leveled by completing a variety of Dark Brotherhood daily quests, including Black Sacraments and Marked for Death.

Note that Black Sacraments will not be available until you complete the first half of the Dark Brotherhood quest.

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