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These Armor Sets Can Save Your Life In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree - Usage & Matching Items

There are already a lot of weapons and armor sets in the base game of Elden Ring. In this Shadow of The Erdtree DLC, numerous new weapons and armor sets have been added to provide players with a variety of ways to participate in the battle.

Although we can't get all the new armor sets in the game, the following 8 armor sets are must-haves because they are likely to save your life when your life is hanging by a thread.

These Armor Sets Can Save Your Life In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree - Usage & Matching Items

Fire Knights Armor Set

Fire Knights Armor Set is the most popular among Elden Ring players, not only because it looks very good but also because it has some very good functions for combat. For example, Fire Knight helm can increase your maximum health, stamina and maximum equipment load.

This complete set of armor has a certain reduction effect on Fire damage, so it is the best armor when you face Messmer Impaler. So how to get it? You need to defeat Fire Knights in Shadow Keep, and you will take over an entire set of them.

Verdigris Armor Set

Verdigris Armor Set is a new heavy armor added in Shadow of The Erdtree DLC, and it is very similar to Lionel's armor in the base game. The entire set of armor will keep your balance at 100, which also makes this armor the best Poise armor in Elden Ring.

If you are in combat and an enemy or invader breaks your balance, you will be stunned, and this is when you need Verdigris Armor Set to protect yourself. You can use this armor set with Verdigris Talisman, which can increase your defense and increase your equipment load out.

Dancer's Armor Set

Dancer's Armor Set is also a very good-looking armor set for niche builds. This armor set does what the name suggests, and each piece of armor increases the power of dancing attacks.

You can pair this with Dancing Blades of Ranah and put points into Agility, and you'll have a unique Dancer build for PVP. You'll need to defeat Dancer of Ranah in Southern Nameless Mausoleum on Cerulean Coast to get all the gear. 

Freyja's Armor Set

In Shadow of The Erdtree DLC, Freyja is one of Miquella's followers, and Freyja's Armor Set is considered one of the most stylish armor sets. The redmane armor of Freyja is a representative example, which is very light and has better properties than many other heavy armors in the game.

The great sword and shield included in this armor set are perfect for you to play as Radahn's most distinguished knights. This armor set is obtained closer to the end of the game, after you fight the royal against the followers of Miquella.

Messmer's Armor Set

Just talked about some good-looking armor sets, and Messmer's Armor Set is not as good-looking as them, but it has its own uses. For example, Messmer's helm can increase the incantations of Messmer's Fire and Fire Knight skills.

If you can use Messmer's incantations, this armor set is perfect for you. In addition, compared to Fire Knights Armor, this armor set has better elemental defense properties, but has some minor flaws in physical damage reduction.

Rellana's Armor Set

In Shadow of The Erdtree DLC, there is a very gorgeous armor set called Rellana's Armor Set. This armor set seems to have no disadvantages and is very suitable for Spell Blade or Carian Knight builds.

Elden Ring Rellana's Armor Set

In addition, compared to other medium armor sets, it is also a little lighter and will provide you with higher defense capabilities. This armor set is no longer dropped by a certain boss or NPC, but you need to find Finger Reader of Round Table Hold in Castle Ensis after defeating Rellana to get it using Elden Ring Runes.

Gaius's Armor Set

Gaius's Armor Set is also another new heavy armor set added in the new DLC. It also has a good-looking appearance and magnificent properties. Although it is a heavy armor set, it is lighter than other heavy armor sets.

If you pair it with Sword Lance of Commander Gaius, it will make the most effect for you. This set requires two locations to find. The armor is obtained from Finger Reader, but his greaves are located in Albinauri's Shack in Scaduview.

Solitude Armor Set

The last best armor set is still heavy armor - Solitude Armor Set, which is also one of the best armors you can find in Realm of Shadows in the early game. It also looks very cool, with the entire body covered with steel plates and decorated with a black cape.

Besides its appearance, it can also increase the concentration value. When you encounter Lord of Frenzied Flames Midir, it can win the game for you. This armor set is found in Western Nameless Mausoleum, west of Scorched Ruins.

Elden Ring Solitude Armor Set

The above are the 8 sets of armor that are very important to you in Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree. I hope you have fun exploring DLC and have fun playing in the later basic game.

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