David Beckham and Dua Lipa Appear In FIFA 21?
David Beckham and Dua Lipa Appear In FIFA 21?

As part of the November update, EA added some face scans that are mainly used for Volta in FIFA 21. Although most of them are celebrities like Dua Lipa, David Beckham is also a popular option.

David Beckham is not currently an Icon in FIFA 21, but he should be soon! Because recently he was not only scanned into the Volta game, but also rumors about his Icon variations appearing in the FUT transfer market on many social media.

But this has not been confirmed, so we do not know what the truth is for now. If he does appear in other modes of FIFA 21, it will indeed make him a member of FUT, and his player card will certainly be desired by many gamers. After all, he is a legend in football, especially in the England team! If all this can come true, his fans should be the happiest ones. To have the opportunity to get your idol player card and let him join your team, which is amazing!

If David Beckham really becomes the Icon in FIFA 21, MMOAH will update more details about that in time!

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If you are interested, you can browse our news page. As we said before, practicing leads to success. In fact, as long as you have enough time to grind your team patiently, they will eventually become perfect. And in the process, you also enjoy the happiness that the game brings to you. This is simply a win-win situation and the original intention of the game.

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