Albion Online: Some Best Builds That You Shouldn't Miss
Source: MMOAH

As a fantasy MMORPG, Albion Online's gameplay is very attractive, and its visual effects are very unique and vibrant. Albion Online has a huge gear system, which is worth your time to research. MMOAH will show some good builds to ease your pain.

Double Crossbow Combo

Wielding Expert's Bolt-casters in the main hand combined with Tier 5 Expert's Druid robe, Expert's Royal Sandals and Experts cultist forms a combination, which will have a 100% kill rate of 1v1. If you need to confront the enemy head-on, the decision is correct. This combination of gear is favored by many players.

Blackboa’s Gather ganking build

This build is for solo gathering and solo PvP, equipped with gear above Tier 7. Most importantly, you can dismount from the fastest mounts.

Sigurd the Bruiser

Tank dual sword build has the flair and potential, which will make you better in the game, Wielding GrandMaster’s Dual swords and abilities like Iron Will will keep you from being knocked down. The armor set in the build is above Tier 6 along with the ability like Enfeeble Aura, it can create a shield to prevent all kinds of damage around you. All you need to do is killing.

Onesimee’s Great Nature Solo Build

It can be said to be the nightmare of gankers, they don't even want to interfere with you. This build is good for solo Dungeon Dive and 1V2 Hellgates. If you can keep healing, they can't kill you. The build combines all restoration skills, making it difficult for you to be defeated.

Nausk’s Toothpick Shooter

Its performance in the small-scale open-world scene is impressive. This build is super adaptable and versatile. If you like to cast spells and play long ranged games, then you need to look at this.

With proper weapons and good gear, you will become the best in the game. If you need any help, you can come to MMOAH to buy everything you need in the game.

Not only can you buy Albion Online Silver on MMOAH, which can help you solve most of the problems in the game. In addition, Albion Online Tome of Insight and Albion Online Items are both available on MMOAH, so when you encounter difficulties in the game and need to ask for help, MMOAH will be your best choice.

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