Albion Online: How To Get A Private Island?

When you are ready to enter the endgame of Albion Online, the final landmark is the establishment of a private island where you can use farming and laborers to generate passive income and steadily improve your supply. Obtaining a private island is simple, you only need to visit a vendor and have enough Albion Online Silver.

Buy your island

You can find the merchant on the island near the market in any major city, simply choose your plot and buy the island. The cost fluctuation of the island is negligible. For example, the cost of the island is 17,662 Silver, and you can get these Silver in one run or one mere Tier 4 dungeon or an Arena win. If you want to get an island, just click to buy it. But it should be noted that you need to be on a premium account.

Afford your island

To buy an island, you need to buy at least 1 month of premium on the character you want to buy your island with. You can buy Premium with Gold or Silver, if you want to start your island life quickly, buy with Gold, which is the fastest way, but accumulating gold is a long process. You can choose to buy cheap Albion Silver on MMOAH first, and then exchange it for gold. This is the most time-saving way and it can also save you a lot of money. 

MMOAH is an Albion Online Silver seller with several years of experience, and when the game introduced new items, MMOAH also launched them in a short time, which provides players with great convenience to a certain extent. And in the price of Silver, we always control the fluctuation within a certain range to ensure that players can buy the cheapest Albion Online Silver.

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