ACNH: When Will The Snow Melt?
ACNH: When Will The Snow Melt?

In the winter of last year, the northern hemisphere in ANCH also ushered in winter, and snow also appeared. Many fans also enjoy the fun of making snowmen, wonderful music, and the Christmas atmosphere, all of which bring fun to players.

But with the arrival of spring, if you are already thinking about reshaping the land, then snow is not so good for you. So many people may be concerned about when the snow will melt.

When will the snow disappear?

If you are also concerned about when the snow will disappear, then maybe this is good news for you, because the ACNH official has announced that the snow that has fallen on the roof and the floor of the island will disappear before February 24th.

What will appear after the snow?

Spring is approaching, which means it will be sunny in most cases. As the weather changes, many creatures and fish will appear, Bamboo Shoots, and the most beautiful event in the game - Cherry Blossom season will also return. It is held from April 1st to 10th every year.

In addition, Super Mario will also appear in ACNH, there will be a series of themed items, which is worth looking forward to. And this is also a good sign, because there may be more interesting events in the future.

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