ACNH: Some Details About Wedding Season
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Now it’s June, the Wedding Season has returned, and you can enjoy getting new wedding-themed items. In the northern and southern hemispheres, the wedding season starts on June 1 and will last until June 30. So throughout June, you can prepare ACNH Bells to get the items you want.

When you log in to the game, Isabelle will mention that love is in the air and urge you to visit Harv’s Island. After arriving at Photopia, you should get close to Harvey, Reese, and Cyrus. Then Harvey will ask you to help Reese and Cyrus take pictures of their wedding anniversary. You need to decorate the photo studio with wedding-style items.

Talk to Reese to start tasks and design the studio with certain items. For example, Reese may ask you to decorate the room with pink and white items on the first day.

When decorating the studio, press the Down arrow on the D-Pad to enter the designer mode. Then you should press the Right arrow on the D-Pad and choose specific objects to place in the entire studio.

After you finish the decoration of the studio, you can take a few photos of the couple so that you can get Heart Crystals. After you get them, you can use them to buy wedding-themed items.

Here are some wedding-themed rewards:

* Wedding Bench

* Wedding Table

* Wedding Flower Stand

* Wedding Head Table

* Wedding Pipe Organ

* Wedding Arch

* Wedding Wand Recipe

* Wedding Fence Recipe

You can also exchange your Heart Crystals for extra items such as a wedding cake and wedding decoration.

In this year's wedding season, ACNH will also release Nuptial set items through Nook Shopping. You can buy a Nuptial Bell, ring pillow and doorplate of various colors.

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