ACNH Guide: Where To Get The Most Clay?
ACNH Guide: Where To Get The Most Clay?

With the continuous development of the Animal Crossing series, not only the gameplay has undergone some changes, but also players can try new materials when crafting items. Clay is one of the original materials in ACNH, you can use it to craft new types of furniture and fences. But the process of obtaining it may make you feel a little boring, which involves some hustling. This kind of grind is more suitable for experienced players, but for those players who want to make their unique ideas fully reflected in the game, grinding is really too boring, so here are some other ways to get clay.

Where to get the most clay? 

The best place to get the most clay is the rocks of ACNH's Mystery Island Tours. You can only get clay materials from the rocks on your island every day, but the Mysterious Island Tour will allow you to obtain new materials every time you go, so the chance of dropping is higher. So if you want to go there to get more clay, you only need to prepare enough Nook Miles Tickets.

Three types of rocks 

There are three different types of rocks on these islands. Compared to the two types of rocks on your island, the clay drop rate on the Mystery Island Tours is obviously higher. You can take a shovel or an axe to hit the stone, and the clay may drop next to you. 

A small tip: when you hit a rock, you can dig a hole behind you so that you don't fly too far and you can collect as much material as possible from the rock.

After collecting, you can use them to craft items, such as a brick oven, a cherry blossom bonsai, a brick fence and an ocarina. 

You can find clay in Balloon Present 

You can also find clay in the balloon present, but its clay drop rate is very low.

You can also sell clay to get ACNH Bells. The clay can stack up to 30 pieces and sell for 100 bells a pop. This is how to get as much clay as possible. If you are looking for this guide, then this article may be helpful to you. If you need Nook Miles Tickets, you can also buy them on MMOAH. After all, the prices of ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets on MMOAH can be said to be very low. Buy now from MMOAH and you can enjoy 60% off.

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