ACNH Guide: How To Find Bunny Day Eggs?
Source: MMOAH

Bunny Day is underway. You can find 6 different types of eggs on your island. Last year’s Bunny Day did not impress players, so this year’s event will have some changes that will attract players more.

You can find 6 egg types around your island: Earth, Leaf, Sky, Stone, Water, and Wood. You can use eggs to craft special Bunny Day DIY recipes. This article will detail how to find eggs.

Bunny Day lasts from March 28 to April 4, which coincides with Easter. In this week, you can do the following things:

* Purchase seasonal Bunny Day items from Nook’s Cranny

* Get a special Bunny Day DIY recipe by shooting down the balloon gift with a slingshot

* Speak with the villagers

* Find the information in the bottle

* Find Zipper T. Bunny and talk to it

You can also enter Mystery Island to find eggs by buy Nook Miles Tickets. On Mystery Island, some egg types with a limit have a higher drop rate.

Different types of Egg

Earth eggs: Dig a star or X in the grass, you can only find 4 such things in the event every day

Leaf eggs: Shake non-fruit trees, you can only find three trees and about 9 Leaf eggs every day.

Sky eggs: Shoot down balloon presents with rainbow balloon designs. You can find an unlimited number of balloons every day. Many balloon presents will contain DIY recipes.

Stone eggs: Hit the rocks on the island with a shovel or axe. You can find 0-8 Stone eggs on each rock.

Water eggs: Fish in the bodies of the water, they are unlimited every day.

Wood eggs: Hit the wood or palm trees on the island with an axe, you can find 0-3 Wood eggs per tree.

Now the villagers can "ping" and run to you, sharing eggs with you. They will give you 5 random types of eggs for free. This requires you to frequently enter or leave the buildings near the villagers, which is also a good way to obtain a limited variety of eggs.

On April 4, you can also trade eggs. You can talk to Zipper and exchange the eggs you find for the type of eggs you have the fewest, so you can craft all limited-time recipes before the end of Bunny Day.

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