ACNH Guide: How To Collect The Maracas?
ACNH Guide: How To Collect The Maracas?

ACNH recently introduced Maracas, it is a new item, the game is celebrating a new seasonal event, this article will tell you how to collect it.

The Maracas takes place in the game as part of the event. Similar to the Easter event, your task is to find colorful items on the island to collect. In addition to eggs, you will look for feathers, which can be converted into new furniture items. Once the event is over, these items will disappear, so you need to craft them as soon as possible. There will be a party on the island in February. You can get Maracas items for free through the following methods.

In order to obtain Maracas. You need to install the latest update of the game first. When you are done, go to the mailbox in front of your house or wherever you decide to put it, and check the letter from Nintendo. This letter is to thank you for installing the new update and attaching the Maracas. You don't have to worry about losing this item, because it is directly connected to the letter rather than the event itself. Maracas is a neat item, it will bring you into the Festivale vibe.

Unfortunately, Nintendo decided to skip Valentine's Day in ACNH, that is, there is no dedicated celebration event on Valentine's Day, but there will be Festivale on February 15th. In any case, this is also an exciting event in February. In the near future, there will be more seasonal events appearing in the game, and this game will then hold a Super Mario-themed event to celebrate March.

So now is a good time to accumulate ACNH Bells, and you can prepare for the spring. Because every seasonal event, there are related themed items, because seasonal items are very rare, so many players do not want to miss them, so it is a very wise choice to prepare adequate ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets. If you are looking for a place to buy Animal Crossing Bells, MMOAH is a very reliable ACNH Bells seller. We not only provide cheap ACNH Bells, but sometimes we also launch some discount activities, during which you can buy ACNH Bells at a lower price.

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