A Surprise Is Coming! FFXIV Will Add A Dungeon Photo Mode In Patch 5.4
A Surprise Is Coming! FFXIV Will Add A Dungeon Photo Mode In Patch 5.4

Fans of FFXIV will have a new way to explore the dungeons, using the upcoming photo mode in the newest patch. There are various players, including those who focus on the story and those who are focus on getting good gear in the game.

As an MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of content that can only be completed by teaming up with other players. The problem this may have is some players are not interested in exploration and focused on completing the level, while other players are the opposite, they want to see it all. When the team members have different ideas, setbacks and conflicts may arise. For example, when a team member wants to finish the BOSS, another member wants to check the alternate paths and rooms.

To provide a new option for those who would rather spend time sightseeing in the dungeons, Square Enix announced that the October 13th patch 5.4 will come with a new "Explorer Mode". This patch introduces many features, such as new trials, challenges, and general updates, but the biggest one is to allow players to explore dungeons without worrying about monsters or a party. This gives players a chance to take screenshots with ease, without being urged to take screenshots by other teammates who are tired of waiting. However, it is worth noting that players can only use this mode on dungeons they have completed.

This will limit players who have not completed the game, but also ensure that players will not use explorer mode to understand the dungeon layout before completing it Monsters and obstacles are removed from the dungeon, allowing players to explore without any battles or blockages.

Players can use minions, mounts and accessories, giving a lot of customization in the photos they take. The dungeons may be the most satisfying part of Final Fantasy XIV, but roleplay and exploration are equally important for many players. So for players who like to explore, this is a great update.

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