You Can Start Your Rocket League's Radical Summer Event In Update 1.65 Until August 12

Since the date of June 24, a brand new Rocket League update 1.65 is allowed to download and install on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch devices accompanied with some new contents and a couple of bugs fixed. The update aimed to the Rocket League Radical Summer Phase 2 content, containing some new cosmetics for players' cars and the acknowledgment of known.

As we all known, the update surrounding the ongoing Radical Summer event started on June 10 and will be live until August 12, in the meantime the 80s Blockbusters portion about the event is taking players back to the culture of the 1980s until July 1. Now we can check out the patch notes here.

New contents
New contents for MLB launched the forms of American League Topper and National League Topper, while more new cosmetic are added into Monstercat themed Antennae including 7 Minutes Dead, Desert Star, Ephixa& Heartful, Televisor, Tut Tut Child, Varien and WRLD.

Bugs fixed
Every update could go well with some bugs fixed in Rocket League by Psyonix, so does Update 1.65. From now on, the Tier Points you earned can be displayed correctly at the end of every match and in the menu of Rocket Pass. There are more fixes you can read here.

  • Adjusted Esports Wheels to ensure they're symmetrical on both sides of the car.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to enter a match stuck in an incorrect camera view for Nintendo players.
  • Fixed the appearance of several Rocket Boosts on Nintendo Switch.
  • Players should no longer enter a match with an invisible Battle-Car.
  • Adjusted appearance of Black Painted Generator II Wheels.

Known issues
Besides, there are also some issues players should know in matches like these.

  • Ball indicator may not appear near the middle of Throwback Arena.
  • [Salty Shores] Lighting in the arena tints some Decals more blue than normal.
  • Tournament creators may not be able to spectate Tournament matches.
  • Several Wheels may show the rotor or hub clipping through on certain Car Bodies.
  • Crates received while playing will not stack with Crates in inventory, but they will stack correctly after a game restart.
  • The "Slash Beam III" Rocket Boost may reduce your frame rate for Xbox One players.
  • Post match XP bar is blue instead of green for Rocket Pass Premium users.
  • On "Double Goal" and "Underpass" Arenas, the Orange team goal displays Blue shields.

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