You Can See Cid Saying Hello To You On TV By Final Fantasy XIV
You Can See Cid Saying Hello To You On TV By Final Fantasy XIV

A few days ago, Square Enix has announced that the third expansion Shadowbringers will be released as plan this summer, the specific date is going to launch tomorrow. The crisis is still full of adventure, especially when you are groping as a dark Warrior. But after that we heard another news, Sony Pictures Television decided to work with Hivemind and Square Enix in order to create a live-action TV series based on Final Fantasy XIV. It's really exciting for FFXIV fans, that's because they can finally watch the most successful and popular MMORPG on TV, as well as getting in touch with the characters they've always dreamed of, the new Dancer might say hello to you in front of the TV screen wearing a golden dress. With a bit regret that the actors, film crews, story lines and publishers of the TV series are still hidden in the Pockets of Sony. MMOAH will continue to pay attention to relevant news and send it to all of you in time.

In the past, Final Fantasy XIV just put their own story into the movie field, just like Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, a soap opera about the strengthening bonds between a father and son as mediated by the game. Therefore, developing a live-action TV series is a brand new attempt this time, wish they can succeed. The series will feature a series of original stories around a fantasy world called Eorzea, where defenders fought for peace, trying to defeat the monsters named Sakura Grass along with many magical things, magic, airships and most special chocobos. Stay tuned.

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