You Can Play The Elder Scrolls Online Through Google Stadia
You Can Play The Elder Scrolls Online Through Google Stadia

Starting from now(June 16), everyone can play the Elder Scrolls Online not only on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, but also Stadia, becoming the first MMORPG to land on Stadia, its base game is free for all Pro members without any of the game's expansions outside of the Morrowind chapter.

If you are not a member, you need to pay $19.99 to purchase the Standard Version on Stadia. Moreover, there is a secondary listing for Tamriel Unlimited for Pro members without any costing, beyond that, you must spend $59.99 on Greymoor Chapter and $79.99 for a Greymoor Collector's Edition of the Elder Scrolls Online.

It is obvious that the Stadia version will have a high resolution and frame rate, which may change the reputation of poor performance of Elder Scrolls Online.

The greatest feature of playing Elder Scrolls Online on Google Stadia is that players no longer have to wait for any patches or updates, they can play the game anytime and anywhere without more equipment or hardware devices required.

Whether it is on PC or Stadia, it is basic to maintain the consistency of the game on all platforms, the huge player base can play the same game process on different devices, for the development team, this is actually a large and technically complex task.

When it comes to game content of Elder Scrolls Online, there is a new chapter in the game every year, such as the latest Greymoor, each of which will be synchronized on all platforms, letting players not only play for leveling up, but constantly trying something new.

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